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VAT Registration

VAT Registration /
VAT De-Registration

The service includes all the formalities for the allocation of a local tax identification number for VAT purposes or deregistration. If you decide to cooperate with us, we will inform you in detail which documents are required in each country.

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VAT Settlement

VAT Filing
& VAT Compliance

VAT declaration in each country is different (depending on local regulations). Our teams of VAT Compliance specialists will help you with the implementation of the different guidelines as well as reporting formats.

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EC Sales Lists (ESL)

VAT OSS for entrepreneurs settling VAT in Poland
and Germany

This service covers all the formalities involved in registering for VAT or de-registering under the OSS scheme, as well as submitting the OSS declaration If you decide to cooperate with us, we will inform you in detail which documents are required.

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VAT Advisory

Intrastat Filing
& Reporting

This service includes all formalities related to the settlement of Intrastat declarations and the monitoring of thresholds. We offer a comprehensive EU-wide reporting service (export/import).

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EC Sales Lists (ESL)

Full Range VAT /
Tax Advisory

We cooperate with tax offices in all EU countries that specialise in VAT compliance services. Our experienced specialists can handle complex tax matters across Europe.

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VAT Advisory

IT Support
& Services

amavat® invests in technology solutions that aim to eliminate the complexity associated with managing VAT. We are committed to creating a user-friendly environment.

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Amazon FBA - VAT Registrations & VAT Returns

Online retailing is increasing rapidly right around the world. Companies of all sizes are taking advantage of the potential of the internet to reach into new markets, and extend their sales territories beyond the country in which they are established.

This is great news for businesses; but, it is extremely important to make sure that VAT obligations are fulfilled as part of the sales making process.

Correctly meeting your VAT obligations is fundamental to international trade. When working with Amazon (FBA) you may be required to obtain a local VAT number - we can guide you through this process.

Help grow your business with Fulfillment by Amazon

Let Amazon pick, pack, and ship your orders

You sell and Amazon delivers. Amazon has created one of the most modern order fulfillment networks in the world, and your business can benefit from its expertise. With Fulfillment by Amazon, you store your products in logistics centres and Amazon selects, packs, ships your products and offers customer service. FBA enables you to grow your business and reach a larger audience. Find out more about Fulfillment by Amazon here.

Let amavat® keep care about your VAT obligations

Amazon is not responsible for sellers' tax problems. VAT, duty and income tax on profits are your sole responsibility. FBA traders should have knowledge of how VAT is accounted for in cross-border transactions. Due to the complexity of tax laws and other legal factors, online traders may wish to seek advice from or cooperate with experienced tax advisors, such as amavat. Our services ensure that you as an online retailer, by joining the FBA, meet your VAT reporting obligations in Europe. And you can concentrate on what you enjoy doing most... selling!

Does your company offer services for online merchants? Would you additionally like to offer them VAT Compliance and other related services within Europe? We look forward to working with you:

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