E-commerce Integrations

Combining tax and IT solutions

Integrations enable the automation of accounting processes.
Our application will retrieve, organize, and help you comprehend data flowing from various sources within your e-commerce business.

Aplikacja, która wspiera biznesy e-commerce

amavat® application

An application that supports e-commerce businesses.

We support e-commerce businesses through comprehensive service that integrates accounting with IT solutions, allowing for the optimization of financial processes.

At amavat® we have taken on the challenge and developed our own innovative integration tool that will transform the way you conduct business. The extensive capabilities of the application are a practical investment for e-commerce companies operating both domestically and internationally.

Our solutions are designed to deliver real value to our clients. Therefore, the application facilitates seamless interaction with leading e-commerce platforms such as Kaufland, Allegro, and renowned integrators like Baselinker.

What does this mean for you?

It means you no longer have to waste time to manually collect data from various sources. Our advanced solution enables automatic data retrieval thanks to a direct API connection with your seller account.

Thanks to this highly efficient integration, we can not only prepare necessary data for VAT settlements and tax returns but also provide you with a wide range of data, allowing for the creation of accounting reports, currency analysis, and various other reports tailored to your needs.

Integracja danych i automatyzacja rozliczeń


Data integration
and automated settlements

Save time, avoid errors, and focus on developing your business - with amavat®, it's possible!


E-commerce integrations and automation

We integrate or automate with the largest marketplaces

We are used to dealing with large volumes of data in our daily work. Our speciality is automating them, acquiring them and converting them into useful formats for various tax and accounting processes. We also automate data retrieval and posting. After many years in the e-commerce business, not much surprises us. We search for novelties and implement them with passion for the benefit of our customers. We create new ones, creating the future of e-commerce.



What distinguishes our application from others?


Automatic data download and verification

Our advanced algorithm precisely downloads, analyzes, and verifies all integrated data, assigns appropriate tax classifications and determines relevant tax jurisdictions.

If any irregularities are detected, you will receive an immediate notification so that you can rectify them immediately.



Extensive range of reports

The application provides access to a broad scope of data, enabling us to prepare not only VAT returns and tax declarations, but also to generate detailed accounting reports, currency conversion reports, and others for individual orders. How does it work? We connect directly to the seller's account via API and can thus retrieve the necessary data for VAT returns or tax declarations.

We connect directly to the seller's account via API and can thus retrieve the necessary data for VAT returns or tax declarations.



Integrations with marketplaces

At amavat®, we have revolutionized the way you process data from major trading platforms such as Allegro, Kaufland, as well as integrators like Baselinker.

Our reliable tool offers direct integrations with these powerful sources and ensures automatic data retrieval on demand.


Manage your accounting from anywhere


What will you gain by choosing the amavat®app?

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Time savings

The app allows for direct data extraction from the source platform, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This saves your time and minimizes errors.

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Advisory support across Europe

Our support includes advisors from all over Europewho are not only tax and VAT specialists but also experts in e-commerce and IT. With our extensive network of 32 European offices and an experienced team, we guarantee high quality and comprehensive service.

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Comprehensive range in one place

In addition to data integration and automation of settlements through our app, we offer comprehensive accounting services for e-commerce businesses in Poland and VAT Compliance across Europe. Our services also include payroll management, Intrastat report handling and verification, as well as professional support from experienced tax advisors.

Additionally, we will handle the VAT and VAT OSS registration process and prepare the necessary documentation. One place, many solutions – amavat® for e-commerce businesses.

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Security and guarantee

Above all, our solutions have been carefully prepared under the supervision of experienced tax advisors and VAT experts.

We prioritize the privacy of your data and ensure that all tax calculations and VAT settlements are conducted in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

Kto musi składać deklaracje VAT?


Automating of Accounting and Tax Processes

There is no need to send Excel files or other reports because we automatically retrieve data directly from sales channels such as Baselinker, or the client's system.

Whether you run an online store, a trading platform, or a retail network, our application allows you to seamlessly integrate data from all sales channels. Our software operates in real-time, verifying and automatically analyzing all data.

It monitors VAT rates and supervises the flow of goods. All this data is organized and displayed on an intuitive dashboard. Additionally, the application facilitates easy data export, giving you full control over the information crucial to your business.

Ask about the service

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Empowering your business growth

Why choose us


Dedicated customer care

Every client has the opportunity to collaborate with a dedicated customer care representative proficient in multiple foreign languages. Additionally, they are supported by a team of experts available for assistance.Our qualified tax advisors are at your disposal for all matters related to VAT, as well as in the event of tax audits across Europe.


Automation of accounting processes

By automating data retrieval for tax settlements and the integration with marketplaces or ERP systems, you can save time for your e-commerce team, which leads to cost savings. Simultaneously, our IT solutions allow the preparation of customized reports for accounting and e-commerce departments.


Comprehensive offering

You can rely on comprehensive support for accounting, payroll, as well as registration and VAT settlements for international sales, mail-order sales abroad under the VAT-OSS or Intrastat procedure. At the same time, you can count on our support in all European countries, ensuring centralized accounting and VAT services for your expanding e-commerce business. All essential services are consolidated on the Client Portal, facilitating efficient financial management of your business.


Premium service

Our Premium Service includes dedicated customer care support with direct telephone contact, 24/7 access to the Client Portal and round-the-clock access to tax information. Additionally, clients receive Customer Information, providing real-time updates on the latest legal and tax changes. We prioritize swift and accurate responses to your inquiries and concerns.


Transparent pricing system

We present an attractive pricing policy that is not dependent on the volume of transactions. We offer diverse packages tailored to the size of businesses. You can rely on consistent, transparent, and stable prices.


Highest security standards

We provide the support of an expert team during tax audits, as well as an analysis of complex VAT declarations and corrections if necessary. We ensure the timeliness of your settlements with tax authorities and oversee that no financial consequences threaten you. Simultaneously, we guarantee the security of your data, even within our automation and integration processes. You have the opportunity to benefit from over a decade of our team's experience in both Polish and international accounting.

We can also help you with

We support the growth of your business

VAT registration in all EU Member States

VAT registration in all EU Member States

VAT registration in selected non-EU countries

VAT registration in selected non-EU countries

Registration and submission of OSS returns in Poland and Germany

Registration and submission of OSS returns in Poland and Germany

Settlement and submission of VAT returns according to local regulations

Settlement and submission of VAT returns according to local regulations

Intrastat reporting

Intrastat reporting

EORI registration

EORI registration

Change of company data at tax offices and tax authorities

Change of company data at tax offices and tax authorities

Other services, individually tailored to the needs of your company

Other services, individually tailored to the needs of your company

Due to their nature, companies working in international online sales are growing very fast. This involves entering new markets and increasing turnover. As a result, they may need to register for VAT and maintain regular settlements in other countries.

We also provide general tax advisory services through our selected partner firms and VAT representation (as required by local regulations).


Frequently Asked Questions
about E-commerce Integrations

What do integrations within amavat® services involve?

The integrations offered by the amavat® application constitute a user-friendly system that supports the data collection process for accounting and VAT settlements for e-commerce sellers. Developed in collaboration with tax advisors, the application is equipped with mechanisms ensuring the accuracy of prepared tax settlements.

It allows us to connect via API to our clients' seller accounts on platforms with which we have active integrations. This, in turn allows us to automatically retrieve sales data on a monthly basis, saving our clients time and reducing the risk of data transformation during the process of copying and transmitting additional files.

Therefore, amavat® integrations provide our clients with:

  • Security and guarantees of tax accuracy

  • Integrations with marketplaces and ERP systems of companies

  • Time and cost savings through data retrieval automation

  • Verification of the accuracy of retrieved data

  • Extensive reporting capabilities for e-commerce

  • A comprehensive e-commerce offering in one place.

Which platforms does amavat® integrate with?

Currently, the amavat® application has active integrations with platforms such as:

  • Allegro

  • Kaufland

  • Baselinker

In the coming months of 2024, we plan to introduce additional integrations with platforms like eBay, Cdiscount, and Plentymarkets.

Is a demo version available? Can I test the application?

The amavat® application is accessible through a browser, featuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface. As of today, there is no demo version available. However, you can familiarize yourself with the application's functionalities through videos and tutorials.

Additionally, you can schedule a meeting with one of our consultants to arrange an online presentation of the amavat® application.

How can I retrieve data from the application?

Reports and data are made available on a monthly basis within the application. They can be downloaded at any time from the designated tabs. Each report is marked accordingly, and a simple click on the "Download" button allows users to save it to their computer.

How many users can simultaneously use one account?

The amavat® application does not impose restrictions on the number of users for one account. Any number of individuals can use the account, provided they have the appropriate login credentials. Each company receives one account with a login and password, which can be shared within the organization.

Additionally, the application allows for receiving notifications, and there is no limit to the number of email addresses for notification purposes within a given company.

Last update : 18.01.2024