Knowledge Base: E-commerce Accounting and VAT Compliance

Intrastat UK 2024: Is reporting still mandatory?

Date17 Apr 2024
Since the end of the Brexit transition period in January 2021, the United Kingdom has entered a new trade reality. Changes in foreign trade significantly affect e-commerce entrepreneurs, especially concerning Intrastat reporting. In this article,...
Reading time: 3 min

VAT rates in Poland 2024

Date11 Apr 2024
Value Added Tax (VAT) is one of the key elements in conducting e-commerce activities in Poland. Understanding the current VAT rates can have a significant impact on your business decisions and pricing calculations. In 2024,...
Reading time: 5 min

Taxation of VAT on sales of goods to the UK

Date08 Apr 2024
Brexit has caused complications related to the taxation of sales of goods to Great Britain and the settlement of UK VAT. The methods of VAT settlement returns for sales to the UK vary and depend...
Reading time: 4 min

New INTRASTAT requirements in Denmark for 2024

Date05 Apr 2024
As of the beginning of 2024, the Danish tax authorities have made changes to the reporting requirements for intra-Community trade. For businesses, particularly those in the e-commerce industry, these changes could have significant consequences. New...
Reading time: 2 min

UK VAT registration

Date03 Apr 2024
Many e-commerce entities sell their services outside the European Union, such as to the UK. However, after Brexit, i.e. the UK’s exit from the EU, the rules for selling to the UK and the financial...
Reading time: 4 min

VAT registration in European Union countries

Date29 Mar 2024
VAT registration in various European countries is a process that requires not only a general knowledge of the tax system, but also a deep knowledge of local tax laws. Each country has its own unique...
Reading time: 9 min

Luxembourg VAT rates update as of January 1, 2024

Date26 Mar 2024
Luxembourg, a small country in the center of Europe, has attracted e-commerce attention for years thanks to its friendly tax regulations. In 2024, there was a return to the previously applicable rate, which was temporarily...
Reading time: 3 min
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