Knowledge Base: E-commerce Accounting and VAT Compliance

New Intrastat thresholds in Latvia in 2024

Date20 May 2024
For entrepreneurs operating in the e-commerce sector in Latvia, knowledge of and compliance with Intrastat declaration regulations are extremely important. With the introduction of changes regarding Intrastat thresholds in 2024, entrepreneurs must be particularly vigilant...
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Intrastat in France in 2024: Is it still in force?

Date16 May 2024
With the arrival of 2022, France introduced new regulations regarding the reporting of intra-EU trade, significantly altering the landscape of statistical declarations. Traditional Intrastat reporting has been replaced by new reports, including EMEBI (monthly statistical...
Reading time: 2 min

E-invoicing in Portugal: Changes from January 2025

Date13 May 2024
The Portuguese business landscape is undergoing a dynamic transformation, with one of the key elements of this change being the growing importance of e-invoicing, especially in business relations between the public sector and enterprises. The...
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Intrastat in Italy: Guide for e-commerce sellers in 2024

Date10 May 2024
Intrastat is a reporting system for intra-EU trade between European Union countries. Italy, as a member of the EU, also implements this system for statistical and fiscal purposes. For e-commerce sellers operating in Italy, understanding...
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Issues with VAT registration in the UK

Date07 May 2024
VAT registration in the UK – challenges. E-commerce entities are increasingly eager and more frequent in selling their services to the United Kingdom, as it is a rapidly growing e-commerce market. However, in order to...
Reading time: 4 min

E-invoicing in Hungary: Requirements and process

Date30 Apr 2024
E-invoicing has become an integral part of many tax systems worldwide, and Hungary is no exception. The implementation of electronic invoices in Hungary has undergone many changes and adjustments, and knowledge of the applicable regulations...
Reading time: 2 min

Top 10 e-commerce marketplaces in the UK

Date29 Apr 2024
The United Kingdom is one of the largest e-commerce markets globally. Therefore, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of online stores are opening up to sell their products to the UK. Here are the...
Reading time: 5 min

The new law implementing the DAC7 Directive

Date26 Apr 2024
In February 2024, a new bill amending the law on the exchange of tax information with other countries and certain other laws was published on the website of the Government Legislation Centre (RCL). The aim...
Reading time: 3 min

Intrastat UK 2024: Is reporting still mandatory?

Date17 Apr 2024
Since the end of the Brexit transition period in January 2021, the United Kingdom has entered a new trade reality. Changes in foreign trade significantly affect e-commerce entrepreneurs, especially concerning Intrastat reporting. In this article,...
Reading time: 3 min
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