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PPC campaign guide on Amazon

Date29 May 2024
Today, we’ll focus on outlining the characteristics of the PPC campaign system on the world’s largest marketplace – Amazon. Advertising categories 1. Sponsored products The goal of Sponsored Products campaigns...
Reading time: 2 min

Intrastat in France in 2024: Is it still in force?

Date16 May 2024
With the arrival of 2022, France introduced new regulations regarding the reporting of intra-EU trade, significantly altering the landscape of statistical declarations. Traditional Intrastat reporting has been replaced by new...
Reading time: 2 min

Issues with VAT registration in the UK

Date07 May 2024
VAT registration in the UK – challenges. E-commerce entities are increasingly eager and more frequent in selling their services to the United Kingdom, as it is a rapidly growing e-commerce...
Reading time: 4 min

The new law implementing the DAC7 Directive

Date26 Apr 2024
In February 2024, a new bill amending the law on the exchange of tax information with other countries and certain other laws was published on the website of the Government...
Reading time: 3 min

VAT rates in Poland 2024

Date11 Apr 2024
Value Added Tax (VAT) is one of the key elements in conducting e-commerce activities in Poland. Understanding the current VAT rates can have a significant impact on your business decisions...
Reading time: 5 min
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