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amavat Germany easily the largest in Germany

Date04 Oct 2018

AmazonAs per previously years, new research published by EHI and Statista has revealed that is by far the largest online shop of Germany. As the total turnover has reached 8.8 billion EUR in 2017. It remains virtually three times as large as the number two, OTTO, which realised a turnover of approximately 3 billion EUR. These differences are almost in line with the previous year, and in the near future, it does not seem to change too much.

Generally, there are three companies in Germany that have achieved an online turnover of more than 1 Billion EUR. Besides Amazon and OTTO, Zalando has reached this milestone as well.

It should be noted that the researches have added the turnover gained from services into the figures. This means that, besides the sales of products, the figures of Amazon also contain turnover from services like Amazon Prime, and others. Similarly, the turnover realised in the Dutch market – more than 100 Million EUR – is taken into account. If you take all these turnover figures into account, the total turnover of Amazon reaches close to 15 Billion EUR.

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