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Date22 Oct 2018

Maybe you are an EU VAT registered company trading with other VAT registered companies across the European Union, it might be required for you to produce regular EC Sales Lists (ECL) to report the value of sales being made.


From EC Sales Lists crucial information is provided to the tax authorities which ensures VAT is being properly accounted for by companies trading cross-border in the EU. Not like Intrastat reports, which merely monitors the movement of goods, EC Sales Lists report the supply of B2B services that have been supplied cross-border, as well as all goods. Thus, providing the tax authorities with necessary information on the values of those supplies and the recipient by using their VAT number.

amavat® would be able to carefully manage the whole process of submitting EC Sales Lists by:

  • Ascertaining which transactions call for an EC Sales List to be submitted;
  • Checking that the correct arrangements are made with the tax authorities for filing;
  • Guiding on the applicable filing frequencies; and
  • Invoice examination and exchange rate conversion where necessary.

Why not let amavat® look after your ‘EC Sales Lists’ for you? While you concentrate on your core business.

amavat® provides a one-stop-shop solution for VAT Compliance within Europe. We assist clients with a single point of contact that speaks their language and handles all VAT related issues with a standard and cost efficient approach.

If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact amavat®.

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