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Changes in amavat are getting closer

Changes in amavat® are getting closer!

Date06 Dec 2023

amavat® has been working intensively for several months on technological developments and the introduction of new services.

We see our customers’ needs in this area, we listen to their comments and we want to meet them in order to make VAT returns even simpler for you and take as little time as possible.

In January 2024, we will introduce a series of new solutions to facilitate smoother and more efficient settlements.

What can you expect?

Integrations – automated transaction data download

We recognise that the multichannel trend makes it challenging to collect all transactional data into one place and format it homogenously, so we will implement a number of integrations to automate this process. You will just need to approve in a specified timeframe that the downloaded data is correct and complete.

In the first phase, we will provide integration capabilities with platforms such as Amazon, Allegro, Kaufland, BaseLinker, with additional platforms being systematically added later.

amavat® Application

New solutions call for a new platform where they can be configured, which is why the existing Customer Portal will be replaced by an entirely new amavat® Application.

This is where you will be able to access your submitted VAT returns, integrated transaction data, information about the registrations we have made and much more.

Import of additional transaction reports, update company information, or contact persons details will also be possible there.

E-commerce accounting in Poland

amavat® emerged from a passion for e-commerce and accounting. In addition to offering VAT Compliance services abroad, we are introducing comprehensive accounting and payroll services in Poland. We recognize that the specific nature and dynamic changes in this industry often result in accounting services that do not align with the needs of modern e-commerce businesses. Our goal is to address this issue.

As part of the getsix® group, we bring extensive experience and a robust infrastructure to provide full accounting support.

The integrations and automations we implement in amavat® will further enhance this process.

Dedicated Points of Contact

Each of our clients has the opportunity to work with a dedicated account manager who speaks several foreign languages perfectly.

Transfer of non-automated data

If you sell on a platform that is not currently integrated with us, you will have the option to submit transactional data in an additional file. We will soon present you with its format, which will be somewhat simpler and easier to prepare than the one currently in use.

Individual IT support

Our experienced IT team is committed to delivering solutions that meet the real needs of our customers. So if they are non-standard, or the client has slightly different conditions, we are open to preparing individual solutions.

If you would like to find out more about the new amavat® services, please feel free to contact our experts: Contact – amavat®.

amavat® Team


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