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10 things to consider when choosing an e-commerce accounting firm

10 things to consider when choosing an e-commerce accounting firm

Are you running an e-commerce business and contemplating partnering with an accounting firm specializing in e-commerce accounting? It’s a smart move, but before entrusting your company’s finances to experts, take note of the crucial aspects to consider. Here are 10 things you should keep in mind when selecting an accounting firm for your e-commerce business!

More and more entrepreneurs are opting for outsourcing financial and accounting services, and the e-commerce industry is no exception. Choosing a specialized firm for e-commerce accounting can offer numerous benefits, including ensuring the accuracy of your financial statements, safeguarding your accounting data, saving time and stress, and enabling you to focus solely on growing your business and maximizing profits.

However, to achieve these advantages, it’s essential to carefully consider the firm with which you’ll partner for e-commerce accounting services. Finding a company with professional expertise and comprehensive financial and accounting services is no easy task. To select the right business partner, you need to weigh various factors alongside the price. Here are the most crucial ones to consider!

Comprehensive e-commerce accounting services

It is crucial for a company to offer comprehensive accounting services tailored to the e-commerce industry. This includes managing full e-commerce accounting, handling revenue and expenditure records, flat-rate tax accounting, analyzing financial documents, tax settlements, preparing declarations, reports, and financial statements, tax advisory based on international regulations, payroll management, and representing clients before relevant authorities and government bodies, including the IRS, Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), and National Disabled Rehabilitation Fund (PFRON).

Therefore, a company specializing in e-commerce accounting should possess not only tax and accounting knowledge but also HR expertise. By doing so, they can take over the entire legal and financial support for the client through outsourcing.

Specialization in e-commerce accounting

In addition to providing comprehensive services, it is essential that the entity entrusted with our e-commerce accounting specializes specifically in this field. Financial and accounting support in the e-commerce industry requires specific knowledge of taxes, accounting, international trade, and a deep understanding of the e-commerce business. Furthermore, access to advanced tools and familiarity with the functioning of sales platforms and payment systems in the e-commerce sector is necessary.

Data security in compliance with highest standards, protection, and control of e-commerce accounting data

When using the services of an outsourced accounting company or a bookkeeping office, we entrust them with highly sensitive personal and financial data related to our business. Therefore, the issue of data security and protection is of utmost importance. When making a choice, it is advisable to opt for a company managing e-commerce accounting that utilizes special tools ensuring data protection, encryption, and prevention of data leakage or loss for their clients.

Modern accounting system and Customer Portal

A company handling e-commerce accounting should possess an advanced and modern accounting system along with a customer portal. Within this portal, crucial financial and accounting data, such as VAT amounts due for specific periods in different countries, filed VAT declarations, and lists of transmitted transactional data, can be accessed at any time. The portal also enables the automation of document and transaction collection for settlements, facilitating swift communication with our service provider.

Often, such an external company’s portal/accounting system is enhanced with additional functionalities such as reporting, financial control, debt collection, and includes updates on the latest legal and tax regulations.

Remote access to accounting documentation 24/7 and real-time transactions

An important aspect related to the previous point is the ability, upon entrusting e-commerce accounting to a specialized external firm, to have remote access to all our accounting documents, financial records, reports, and declarations in real-time, 24/7. Thanks to these cutting-edge technologies, we maintain constant oversight of our ongoing settlements and reports, irrespective of the location of the e-commerce accounting service provider. We can confidently establish partnerships with entities located across Poland or even globally, knowing that we have continuous access to our financial data.

Experienced entity and e-commerce accounting team

In outsourced e-commerce accounting, the paramount factor is the experience of the company and its staff in the field of online retail operations. The expertise of these professionals ensures the accuracy of conducted settlements, flexibility, and the ability to handle various individual tax and accounting situations. Additionally, the responsibility for any potential accounting errors should be clearly outlined in the cooperation agreement. It is also advisable to check references and past performance.

Professional communication and dedicated customer advisor

It is crucial that the company handling e-commerce accounting provides us with a dedicated customer support representative. This individual will promptly address any concerns, maintain regular communication, and oversee our affairs. Moreover, evaluating the efficiency of our potential partner’s communication methods is essential – can we expect easy, rapid, and direct contact channels for e-commerce accounting matters.

International certifications and business environment

E-commerce transcends borders, with companies in this industry offering their services and products worldwide. Therefore, when entrusting e-commerce accounting to an external entity, it is valuable for them to have international connections, be members of relevant business organizations, and possess international certifications confirming their skills and potential.

Ideally, a company specializing in e-commerce accounting should collaborate with tax offices and accounting firms across Europe. This network enables them to seamlessly provide services related to international transactions, complying with the rapidly changing tax regulations in different countries.

Customized analyses within e-commerce accounting. Business development support

An experienced firm specializing in e-commerce accounting should offer unique, tailored analyses tailored to our business and specific needs. The goal is to find the best strategies for financial and tax optimization that will further develop our business. Additionally, a specialized entity can assist in identifying tax benefits that will enhance our company’s financial situation.

Transparent and competitive pricing system

The last, yet crucial, point. Pricing significantly influences our business decisions and the choice of a specific entity. However, it is essential to prioritize not just the lowest price, but rather the best value for money offered by a company specializing in e-commerce accounting.

Moreover, it is beneficial to opt for a transparent pricing policy, independent of the number of transactions or documents processed. Many entities handling e-commerce accounting offer diverse pricing packages tailored to specific businesses.

If you are an entrepreneur running or managing an e-commerce business who aims to optimise costs and financial processes, appreciates easy access to financial information analysis and is not afraid of modern technology, then amavat® is the ideal accounting support for your e-commerce business.

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