Comprehensive e-commerce accounting services offer


A comprehensive accounting solution for e-commerce

With our many years of experience and modern approaches, we are able to provide a reliable and secure support for your company's accounting and personnel management needs. We offer comprehensive assistance, focusing on precision, timeliness, and compliance with applicable regulations, which allows you to focus on the development of your e-commerce business.

Additionally, thanks to the automation of the sales data downloading processes and integrations with ERP systems and sales platforms, we guarantee time savings, minimized team involvement, and data security ensurance.

Our comprehensive accounting services for e-commerce include:

Accounting services for e-commerce

We offer comprehensive and automated accounting servies that provide indispensable support for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

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Professional accounting services for e-commerce businesses include:

  1. Strict maintenance of financial records, covering ongoing documentation and detailed analysis.
  2. Accurate VAT settlements in accordance with the applicable regulations of Polish law.
  3. Comprehensive tax settlements for the entity, including comprehensive accounting advice.
  4. Additional activities related to comprehensive accounting management.
  5. Timely and systematic closure of the accounting month.
  6. Preparation of monthly tax declarations and statistical reports.
  7. Effective representation of the company before the relevant Tax Office.
  8. Cooperation with a certified auditor.
  9. Treasury management, including the optimization of financial activities.

For interested e-commerce entrepreneurs, we offer a free consultation with our specialist to tailor our services to the individual needs of each client.

Tax advisory for e-commerce

We provide support complying with a variety of tax regulations across the entire continent, eliminating the concerns related to international transactions and VAT.

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Tax advisory services for e-commerce

Our tax advisory for e-commerce companies is based on collaboration with over 30 tax offices across Europe. Thanks to this robust network, we can offer assistance in accordance with various tax regulations applicable on the continent, eliminating worries associated with international transactions and VAT matters.

If you want to expand sales into new foreign markets in a secure and scalable manner way, ensure compliance with international regulations, and gain peace of mind, contact us today.

Payroll and HR Outsourcing

Our payroll and HR outsourcing service not only ensures effective salary processing but also provides comprehensive personnel management services.

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Our payroll and HR outsourcing offer for e-commerce businesses includes:

  • Creation and maintenance of employee personnel files in accordance with applicable Polish law.
  • Calculation of salaries.
  • Settlement of social security contributions.

On request:

  • Preparation of tax returns for employees - both monthly and annual.
  • Preparation of work regulations, remuneration regulations and
    Social Benefits Fund regulations.

Contact us to learn more about the full HR and payroll outsourcing options tailored to the needs of your e-commerce business!

If your e-commerce company is looking for a qualified HR and payroll partner, we are here to support you. Our experience in the e-commerce field allows us to deliver personalized solutions, accelerating the growth of your business and leaving you free to focus on key aspects of running your company business.

Last update : 31.01.2024