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We'll take care of your e-commerce accounting needs

amavat® is the perfect support for your e-commerce business if you:

  • Seek comprehensive and automated accounting, payroll, and HR services, all available in one place.

  • Plan to expand into international markets and need a quick resolution of all formalities to kickstart sales abroad.

  • Require immediate and reliable responses to your queries, especially when confirmed by a tax expert.

  • Sell goods online, store or deliver them within the European Union. In this case, you undoubtedly need professional VAT Compliance management to meet all tax requirements related to VAT in each country.

  • Aim for seamless collaboration with leading e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Allegro, Kaufland, and reputable integrators like Baselinker.

  • Appreciate modern e-commerce accounting solutions that enable the automation of data retrieval and international VAT settlement processes.

  • Want assurance that your tax obligations are accurately monitored and regulated in accordance with applicable laws.

  • Value both time savings and a reduction in operational costs.

amavat® offers the most comprehensive range of accounting services for e-commerce businesses in the Polish market. With our extensive experience, you can confidently entrust us with tax filings, HR and payroll matters, as well as VAT settlements for international sales. We ensure the highest quality of services.



Meet our team

Comprehensive accounting services for e-commerce

Are you looking for comprehensive and automated accounting, payroll, and HR services all in one place?

Begin with a free consultation with our experienced e-commerce accounting specialist.

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VAT Compliance services for e-commerce across the EU

Are you operating an e-commerce business, selling goods online, storing, or delivering them within the EU? Struggling with the intricacies of VAT tax regulations? Our VAT Compliance department specialist is ready to address all your concerns and advise on the most advantageous solutions for your business. Feel free to get in touch.

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E-commerce Integrations

Are you interested in innovative integration tools that will transform your approach to e-commerce business? Do you want to seamlessly collaborate with leading marketplaces like Amazon, Allegro, or Kaufland? Or perhaps you wish to explore automation possibilities for settlements?

Contact our e-commerce integrations expert for more information.

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the e-commerce market
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European network
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integrations with the largest
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Empowering your business growth

Why choose us


Dedicated customer care

Every client has the opportunity to collaborate with a dedicated customer care representative proficient in multiple foreign languages. Additionally, they are supported by a team of experts available for assistance.Our qualified tax advisors are at your disposal for all matters related to VAT, as well as in the event of tax audits across Europe.


Automation of accounting processes

By automating data retrieval for tax settlements and the integration with marketplaces or ERP systems, you can save time for your e-commerce team, which leads to cost savings. Simultaneously, our IT solutions allow the preparation of customized reports for accounting and e-commerce departments.


Comprehensive offering

You can rely on comprehensive support for accounting, payroll, as well as registration and VAT settlements for international sales, mail-order sales abroad under the VAT-OSS or Intrastat procedure. At the same time, you can count on our support in all European countries, ensuring centralized accounting and VAT services for your expanding e-commerce business. All essential services are consolidated on the Client Portal, facilitating efficient financial management of your business.


Premium service

Our Premium Service includes dedicated customer care support with direct telephone contact, 24/7 access to the Client Portal and round-the-clock access to tax information. Additionally, clients receive Customer Information, providing real-time updates on the latest legal and tax changes. We prioritize swift and accurate responses to your inquiries and concerns.


Transparent pricing system

We present an attractive pricing policy that is not dependent on the volume of transactions. We offer diverse packages tailored to the size of businesses. You can rely on consistent, transparent, and stable prices.


Highest security standards

We provide the support of an expert team during tax audits, as well as an analysis of complex VAT declarations and corrections if necessary. We ensure the timeliness of your settlements with tax authorities and oversee that no financial consequences threaten you. Simultaneously, we guarantee the security of your data, even within our automation and integration processes. You have the opportunity to benefit from over a decade of our team's experience in both Polish and international accounting.

Our locations

Our tax offices specializing in
VAT compliance in Europe:

E-commerce integrations and automation

We integrate or automate with the largest marketplaces

We are used to dealing with large volumes of data in our daily work. Our speciality is automating them, acquiring them and converting them into useful formats for various tax and accounting processes. We also automate data retrieval and posting. After many years in the e-commerce business, not much surprises us. We search for novelties and implement them with passion for the benefit of our customers. We create new ones, creating the future of e-commerce.


Knowledge Base

Tax and accounting news for e-commerce

Stay informed about updates in tax regulations and the latest trends in e-commerce accounting, VAT, as well as procedures related to VAT Compliance.

22 July 2024
How to improve the returns process in e-commerce?
19 July 2024
Kaufland Marketplace in Poland – Launch on August 7, 2024
18 July 2024
Holiday procedure in France: How does the VAT holiday settlement work?

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amavat® - Your e-commerce
accounting specialists

We are one of the leading firms to provide comprehensive accounting services for Polish e-commerce clients, as well as VAT Compliance services for the e-commerce sector across the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. Additionally, we offer our own innovative application that seamlessly integrates accounting with IT solutions, which allows the optimization of financial processes.



What our clients say


The individual approach, process automation, and comprehensive service in the registration and settlement of VAT make us highly satisfied with our cooperation with amavat®.

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Paulina Dziewulska

Head of Accounting


amavat® represents a professional approach to VAT settlement. Services are comprehensively handled, with attention to all aspects of VAT settlement (e.g., movement of goods between Amazon warehouses). Assigned individual advisors and prompt communication are distinct positive features in collaboration with amavat®.

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We turned to amavat® after being disappointed with services of another provider. The transition of work to amavat® went smoothly in all the countries where we operate. All our needs were taken care of.

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Timo Nicklas

Managing directors
Fashion2need GmbH

quote icon

amavat® took care of our required registrations immediately and within a short time. Subsequent filings in various countries were executed promptly.

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Andreas Kremer


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Our VAT registrations are handled professionally and on time. Backdated reports were professionally submitted to the relevant financial authorities.

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Jukka Bruhn


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The staff at amavat® responds to our inquiries with great competence. Even complex issues are resolved satisfactorily.

icon stars

Mike Meiser

Head of Accounting Department
itenga GmbH