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Norway Tax News

Date19 Dec 2017
Norwegian government proposes super reduced VAT rate In October, 2017, the Norwegian government presented its plans for the 2018 budget declaring an increase of the super reduced rate from 10%...
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EU Tax News

Date15 Dec 2017
Weaponising VAT in 2018! Brexit VAT fraud. Austerity restrictions. Arab states panic on VAT. Global tax wars. Brexit – Are you getting ready for Armageddon? The impending trading model for...
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Germany – Tax News

Date21 Nov 2017
Decree announced for call-off stock On the 10th October, 2017 the German Federal Ministry of Finance announced a decree to permit a VAT registration exemption for foreign companies holding call-off...
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Date17 Oct 2017
The EU recently announced the latest analysis of missing EU VAT (the ’VAT Gap’) from fraud, bankruptcies and poor administration, has fallen to €151.5 billion in 2015, comparing to €160...
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