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It is very important that your company registers for VAT at the correct time, in order to remove exposure to fines and interest, and to make sure that relationships with your customers operate smoothly.


The rules about registration timing can differ between countries, so guidance is essential to ensure that you register at the right time. Within the EU, there is an overall no registration threshold for non-resident businesses (even though this can differ somewhat between individual countries). But out with the EU, there may be thresholds, but the position is not consistent, so professional assistance would be necessary.

If a business has a responsibility to be registered and there is a delay in alerting the tax authorities, it is essential to decide the consequences for the business and precisely how VAT is accounted for in respect of this period. The rules differ considerably between tax authorities. An expert investigation will be essential to make sure that the registration is from the proper date.

amavat® are skilled in resolving the problems that are created by ‘Retrospective VAT Registrations’. This would include instructing on the actual date of registration and successfully negotiating reduced amounts of interest, charges and penalties which may be imposed when a registration is late. In turn this helps set our clients up to make appropriate and accurate submissions of VAT going forward.

amavat® provides a one-stop-shop solution for VAT Compliance within Europe. We assist clients with a single point of contact that speaks their language and handles all VAT related issues with a standard and cost efficient approach.
If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact amavat®.

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