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Invitation to the Event – POLAGRA Trade Fair and the Debate “How to sell grocery online: E-commerce in the Food Industry.”

Date26 Sep 2023

amavat® is pleased to participate in the annual POLAGRA event, where it will be represented by Tomasz Kwiatkowski in the debate dedicated to e-commerce in the food industry.

We would like to cordially invite you to the POLAGRA Trade Fair 2023 – an event where the entire food industry will converge in one place! There, amidst a rich array of exhibitors and experts, amavat® will become part of a captivating debate on the future of e-commerce in the food industry.

Event Date: September 27–29, 2023
Location: Poznań International Fair

Our representative, Tomasz Kwiatkowski, TaxTech and Technology Partner at getsix®, will participate in the debate titled “How to sell grocery online: E-commerce in the Food Industry.” The debate will take place on the Trends Stage in pavilion number 5, on September 27 at 2:00 PM.

Tomasz Kwiatkowski is not only an expert in taxation and technology but also the author of innovative IT solutions that support Polish e-commerce from a tax perspective. He is an experienced cloud-BI solution architect, having collaborated in the past with giants in the FMCG industry.

His skills in data analysis, combined with a deep understanding of Polish e-commerce, allow him to effectively support leaders in online commerce in their international expansions.

Be ready for a fascinating discussion on the future of e-commerce in the food industry. This event will not only brighten your market outlook, but will also provide you with concrete tools to grow your business. During the debate you will learn:

  • What does a company need to sell successfully online in new markets?
  • What requirements do foreign customers have?
  • How to effectively settle cross-border transactions in compliance with current tax regulations?
  • How to manage your funds on the foreign exchange markets?

We strongly encourage you to attend this event and inspiring debate. This is a unique opportunity to enhance your e-commerce knowledge and skills and learn about the latest industry trends.

Registration is now open and tickets are available at:

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