Knowledge Base: E-commerce Accounting and VAT Compliance

VAT refund from abroad for e-commerce sellers

Date04 Jan 2024
EU VAT refund for e-commerce sellers. Entities in the e-commerce industry, from the moment of tax registration, are obligated to submit periodic VAT declarations. The frequency and type of these declarations vary in different countries....
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Selling Online in the context of VAT

Date21 Dec 2023
Online sales and VAT – a crucial aspect in e-commerce accounting. The diversity of regulations, numerous procedures, and exceptions make VAT reconciliation challenging for the e-commerce sector. How does VAT exemption work in e-commerce accounting?...
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Changes in amavat® are getting closer!

Date06 Dec 2023
amavat® has been working intensively for several months on technological developments and the introduction of new services. We see our customers’ needs in this area, we listen to their comments and we want to meet...
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What is VAT Compliance?

VAT Compliance for e-commerce sellers: the key to proper VAT tax accounting in 2023 E-commerce stands as one of the fastest-growing sectors in global trade. In the age of digital revolution, online shopping has become...
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