Vat compliance offer


VAT Compliance offer for e-commerce

Our offer includes specialized VAT registration and settlement services in Europe. A consultation with our expert will allow you to choose the offer best suited to your current needs and the stage of development of your e-commerce company.

Choose a service tailored to your needs:

VAT Registration / VAT Deregistration

We complete all formalities related to obtaining assigning a local tax identification number or deregistering it.

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Offer of VAT registration in any EU country

As part of the VAT registration offer, we provide two options tailored to the individual needs of our clients. The first option is VAT registration without a translation package, which covers the registration process itself in the selected European Union country. This solution is ideal for entrepreneurs who already have their own translations and prefer to prepare the required documents themselves.

The second option is VAT registration with a translation package. As part of this service, we not only deal with the comprehensive registration process, but also provide professional translations of the necessary documents for VAT application in the respective country. This is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who wish to avoid additional concerns related to translations and ensure that all documents are precisely prepared.

Our experienced tax experts will assist you in choosing the best option tailored to your needs and the specifics of your business. Regardless of the chosen option, you can be sure that the entire VAT registration process will be carried out professionally, effectively, and in compliance with applicable regulations, thus avoiding unnecessary problems and the risk of tax non-compliance.

Offer to deregister from VAT in any EU country

We also offer an independent VAT deregistration service in any European Union country. Our team of experienced tax experts will help you to complete the deregistration process in your chosen EU country, providing professional and effective support.

Save your time and the difficulties related to self-deregistration from VAT in an EU country; take advantage of our dedicated service and trust our experts in this field.

VAT Compliance

Comprehensive, constant care of the timeliness and accuracy of VAT settlements in Europe – in accordance with the local regulations of individual countries.

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VAT Compliance services included in the
offer for all clients:

  • Submission of periodic VAT declarations: monthly or quarterly – in accordance with the regulations in force in a given country.
  • Submission of annual VAT declarations in countries where they are required.
  • Filing summary declarations (EU VAT / EC Sales List).
  • Submission of JPK file - Standard Audit File-Tax (SAF-T; VAT only).
  • Provision of a correspondence address for local tax authorities in countries where feasible.
  • Contact person - Dedicated Customer Care Representative.
  • 24/7 Online Client Portal.
  • Archiving of all prepared VAT reports and declarations for the duration of the contract.

Comprehensive VAT settlement services for e-commerce in one place. With us, you will forever forget about the stress associated with VAT settlement.

One Stop Shop (VAT OSS)

Registration, settlement and submission of VAT tax returns under the One Stop Shop (OSS) procedure - in Poland or Germany.

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VAT OSS services included in the offer for all clients:

  • Submitting quarterly OSS declarations to the tax office.
  • Providing a correspondence address for local tax offices.
  • Responding to routine inquiries with/from local tax authorities (1 hour/month).
  • Contact person - Personal Customer Care Representative.
  • 24/7 Online Customer Portal.
  • Archiving of all reports prepared.
  • Automatic notification of the VAT payment amount via email.

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contact our experts.

Last update : 31.01.2024