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New Special tax on non-reusable plastic packaging in Spain

We hereby wish to remind you that on January 1st, 2023, the “Special tax on non-reusable plastic packaging” will come into force.
The tax is levied on the use of non-reusable packaging containing plastics, whether it is empty, or whether it is presented containing, protecting, handling, distributing, and presenting goods. It is applicable throughout Spain.

The most important aspects of the new tax are:

    • Taxable event

The manufacture, importation, or intra-Community acquisition of non-reusable plastic packaging is subject to the tax.
Its irregular introduction in the territory where the tax is levied is also subject to the tax.

    • Taxpayers

Taxpayers are individuals or legal entities (as well as entities under art. 35. 4 of the General Tax Law) that carry out the manufacture, importation, or intra-Community acquisition of the aforementioned non-reusable plastic packaging.
In the case of irregular introduction, the person who possesses, markets, transports, or uses them will have this condition.

    • Taxable base and tax rate

The taxable base will be formed by the quantity of non-recycled plastic, expressed in kilograms. The tax rate will be 0.45 euros per kilogram.

    • Settlement of the tax

In the case of intra-Community manufacture and acquisition, taxpayers are obliged to self-assess and pay the tax.
The settlement period will coincide with the calendar quarter, except for those taxpayers who settle the Value Added Tax on a monthly basis, in which case this tax will also be settled monthly.
With regard to imports, their settlement will be governed by customs regulations.

    • Invoicing and census obligations

Among the accounting and formal obligations introduced with the new tax, the following stand out:

    • Census obligations: The obligation to register with the Territorial Registry of the Special Tax on non-reusable plastic packaging is established.
    • Taxpayers not established in Spanish territory: They will be obliged to appoint a natural person or legal entity to represent them before the Tax Administration.
    • Obligations of repercussion and information: These vary depending on whether they are:
      • Manufacturers (first sale or delivery after manufacture): They must pass on the tax to the purchaser and include in the invoice, among other information, the tax payments accrued and the quantity of non-recycled plastic sold.
      • Other cases: At the purchaser’s request, (i) the amount of the tax paid for such products and (ii) the quantity of non-recycled plastic contained in the products must be stated on the invoices issued or by means of a certificate.

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