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We are expanding our offering Intra-1 BIS Declarations in Italy

We are expanding our offering: Intra-1 BIS Declarations in Italy

Date18 Jan 2024

We would like to announce the introduction of a new service that can significantly facilitate your commercial activities in Italy – Intra-1 BIS Declarations. This additional service, carried out in collaboration with a new tax partner in Italy, provides comprehensive support in the field of Intrastat, while remaining a separate assignment from our VAT Compliance services.

Why are Intra-1 BIS Declarations in Italy essential?

The Italian Customs Agency has made significant decisions regarding changes to INTRASTAT forms, which came into effect in January 2022. While some simplifications have been introduced, this simultaneously poses certain challenges for entrepreneurs, especially concerning the precise determination of the country of origin of the sold goods. As of 2022, “call-off stock” transactions must also be monitored and included in INTRASTAT forms. This additional obligation requires precise tracking of such transactions and reporting them in a new way.

Why are Intra-1 BIS Declarations in Italy essential? Because they are an indispensable element for entrepreneurs who exceed specified transaction thresholds. In the case of imports, entrepreneurs are required to report INTRASTAT if the value of goods exceeded EUR 200,000 or services EUR 100,000 within any of the previous four quarters. Reporting statistical data is mandatory for shipments from the first transaction, and detailed declarations are required when the value exceeds EUR 20 million.

How to submit Intra-1 BIS Declarations in Italy? The procedure for submitting Intra-1 BIS is as follows:

  1. Selection of the electronic platform: Companies submitting Intra-1 BIS declarations can choose from electronic platforms such as Servizio Telematico Doganale, Entratel, or Fisconline. These platforms enable the electronic transmission of data to Italian customs authorities.
  2. Registration on the platform: The procedure begins with registering on the chosen platform. For Servizio Telematico Doganale, a company must submit a separate application to customs authorities to obtain login credentials for this platform.
  3. Receipt of login credentials: After submitting the application, the company will receive temporary login credentials for the platform. These credentials are used for the initial login and to apply for a permanent password.
  4. Obtaining a permanent password: The entrepreneur can apply for a permanent password by logging into the platform using temporary credentials. The permanent password can be obtained in person, allowing regular access to the platform.
  5. Selection of Intra-1 BIS form: Upon logging into the platform, the company must choose the appropriate Intra-1 BIS form. The platform allows for the electronic completion of the form, eliminating the need for a paper-based process.
  6. Data entry: Filling out the Intra-1 BIS form involves entering details about the shipment of goods to other European Union countries. Transaction value, quantity of goods, country of origin, recipient information, and other data should be entered accurately.
  7. Verification and correction: Before submitting the declaration, the company should carefully verify the entered data. Errors and inaccuracies can lead to tax issues, so it’s essential to detect and correct them early on.
  8. Submission of the declaration: After verifying the data, the company electronically submits the declaration through the chosen platform. Declaration deadlines are determined by Italian customs authorities, so adherence to established timelines is crucial.
  9. Monitoring progress: After submitting the declaration, the company can monitor the progress of the process. Electronic platforms typically provide access to the history of submitted declarations and any communications from customs authorities.

Forms used in Intra-1 BIS Declarations:

  • Mod. INTRA1: Used for reporting intra-Community supplies of goods (Intra1Bis) and services (Intra1Quater). Corrections are submitted using Intra1Ter for goods supplies and Intra1quinquies for service supplies.
  • Mod. INTRA2: Used for reporting intra-Community acquisitions of goods (Intra2Bis) and services (Intra2Quater). Corrections related to goods acquisitions are reported in Intra2Ter, and service acquisitions in Intra2quinquies.

We encourage you to take advantage of this new service!

Intra-1 BIS Declarations are not just an obligation but also an opportunity for precise data management and avoiding potential issues related to delays in submitting declarations. If you are interested in this additional service, we warmly encourage you to get in touch with our sales department. Together, we can ensure a comprehensive and compliant expansion of our collaboration!

If you would like to find out more about the new amavat® services, please feel free to contact our experts: Contact – amavat®.

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