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Where are Amazon FBA’s European warehouses located in context of the necessity to calculate VAT?

Amazon is a major player in the European e-commerce market and one of the largest trading platforms globally, with an extensive network of warehouses across Europe. This strategically positioned distribution center network facilitates swift product delivery to customers, while also carrying significant implications for VAT calculations.

When engaging in online sales, adherence to applicable regulations is essential to ensure compliance with tax requirements within European markets.

The impact of Amazon FBA warehouse locations in Europe on VAT Calculation

Amazon operates numerous Fulfillment Centers throughout Europe, with their placement strategically tailored to accommodate customer needs in various countries. The location of Amazon warehouses significantly influences where and to what extent VAT should be levied. Should the seller use Amazon’s warehousing services, the sale of goods physically stored in a specific warehouse and delivered to an end customer within the same country is considered a domestic transaction. Consequently, VAT should be calculated according to the prevailing rates of that respective country.

Below, we have provided the Amazon warehouse locations in Europe, spanning countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

Location of Amazon FC warehouses (Amazon Fulfillment Center):

Amazon warehouses in Poland Address Code
Amazon Fulfillment Kołbaskowo 156, 72-001 Kołbaskowo SZZ1
Amazon Fulfillment Czekoladowa 1, 55-040 Bielany Wrocławskie WRO1
Amazon Fulfillment Center Logistyczna 6, 55-040 Bielany Wrocławskie WRO2
Amazon Fulfillment Department Czekoladowa 1, 55-040 Bielany Wrocławskie WRO3
Amazon Centrum Logistyczne Pawlikowice 155, 95-200 Pawlikowice LCJ2
Amazon Centrum Logistyczne Józefów 3a, 93-614 Łódź LCJ3/LCJ4
Amazon Centrum Logistyczne Okmiany 3C, 59-225 Okmiany WRO5
Amazon Fulfillment Poznańska 1d, 62-080 Sady POZ1
Amazon POZ2 Chociule 100, 66-200 Chociule POZ2
Amazon Fulfillment Inwestycyjna 19, 41-208 Sosnowiec KTW1
Amazon KTW3 Bojkowska 80, 44-141 Gliwice KTW3
Amazon KTW4 Inwestycyjna 10, 41-200 Sosnowiec KTW4
Amazon warehouses in the UK Town Code
Amazon Swansea – Goods In Swansea SA1 8QX CWL1
Amazon Rugeley – Goods In Rugeley Staffordshire WS15 1NZ BHX1
Amazon Coalville – Robson Way Coalville LE67 1GQ BHX2
Amazon Dunfermline Dunfermline KY11 8XT EDI4
Amazon Peterborough Peterborough E2 9EN EUK5
Amazon UK Services Peterborough PE2 6UG EUKA
Amazon UK Services Peterborough PE2 6TE EUKB
Amazon UK Services Doncaster DN4 5JS EUKC
Amazon EU Sarl Foundry Lane WA8 8YN EUKD
Amazon Pickerings Road WA8 8TZ EUKE
Network House Leeds LS11 5PX EUKF
Amazon Gourock – Goods In Gourock Inverclyde PA19 1BQ GLA1
Amazon Doncaster (LBA1) – Goods In Doncaster DN4 5JS LBA1
Amazon, Unit 1 Doncaster DN11 0BG LBA2
Amazon Doncaster (LBA3) Doncaster DN4 5JP LBA3
Amazon London London E3 3JG LCY1
Amazon UK Services Tilbury RM18 7AN LCY2
Marston Gate Fulfillment Bedfordshire MK43 0ZA LTN1
Amazon Hemel Hempstead – Goods In Hertfordshire HP2 7LF LTN2
Amazon Dunstable – Goods Dunstable LU5 4FE LTN4
Amazon Manchester Altrincham M90 5AA MAN1
Amazon UK Services Warrington WA5 3XA MAN2
Amazon MAN3 Bolton BL5 1BT MAN3
DHL/Exel Logistics Preston Brook Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 3BN XUKA
Yusen Logistics UK Wellingborough NN8 6AR XUKC
XPO Logistics UK Daventry NN11 8LR XUKD
Kuehne & Nagel Birmingham B24 9QJ XUKK
Amazon warehouses in Germany Address Code
Amazon Brieselang GmbH Havellandstr. 5, 14656 Brieselang BER3
Amazon Logistik AF München GmbH Am Borsigturm 100, 13507 Berlin BER6
Amazon Logistik AF Am Möllenpfuhl 2, 12529 Schönefeld BER8
Amazon Rhineland-Palatinate Bundesland Amazonstr. 1 / Industriepark A61, 56330 Kobern-Gondorf CGN1
Amazon North Rhine-Westphalia Bundesland Düsseldorfer Str. 118, 41541 Dormagen CGN9
Amazon DBY1 Bremer Str. 105, 90451 Nürnberg DBY1
Amazon DHB1 Erich-Kühlmann-Straße 9, 28197 Bremen DHB1
Amazon DHH1 Peutestraße 32, 20539 Hamburg DHH1
Amazon DHH2 Kirchenweg 2, 24568 Kaltenkirchen DHH2
Amazon DNM8 Gretlade 1, 31319 Hannover-Sehnde DNM8
Amazon DMU1 Gewerbering 11a/11b, 82140 Olching DMU1
Amazon DNW1 Meesmannstraße 105, 44807 Bochum DNW1
Amazon Logistik Werne GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Straße 3, 59368 Werne DTM1
Amazon Logistik Dortmund GmbH Kaltbandstr. 4, 44145 Dortmund DTM2
Amazon DTM8 An der Römerschanze 19, 47809 Krefeld DTM8
Amazon Fulfillment Germany GmbH Amazonstr. 1 /Alte Landstr., 47495 Rheinberg DUS2
Amazon DUS4 Hamburgring 10, 41179 Mönchengladbach DUS4
Amazon Logistik Werne GmbH Wahrbrink 25, 59368 Werne (now moved to DTM1) EDE5
Amazon Logistik GmbH Am Schloss Eichhof 1,36251 Bad Hersfeld FRA1
Amazon Logistik GmbH Amazonstr. 1 / Obere Kühnbach, 36251 Bad Hersfeld FRA3
Amazon FRA7 Am Römig, 67227 Frankenthal FRA7
Amazon FRAX Mainzer Str. 35, 64579 Gernsheim FRAX
Amazon HAJ8 Grabenfeldstraße 1, 30823 Garbsen HAJ8
Amazon Logistik Winsen GmbH Borgwardstr. 10, 21423 Winsen an der Luhe HAM2
Amazon Distribution GmbH Amazonstr. 1, 04347 Leipzig LEJ1
Amazon Distribution GmbH Friedrichshafener Straße 72a, 04357 Leipzig LEJ2
Amazon LEJ3 Bielefelder Str., 39171 Sülzetal LEJ3
Amazon LEJ5 Am Steingarten 2, 07554 Gera LEJ5
Amazon Distribution GmbH Amazonstr. 1, 86836 Graben MUC3
Amazon SZ Wolfhagen GmbH Otto-Hahn-Straße 3, 34466 Wolfhagen KSF7
Amazon SZ Franken GmbH Fährstr. 12, 91330 Eggolsheim NUE9
Amazon Pforzheim GmbH Amazonstr. 1, 75177 Pforzheim STR1
Amazon PAD1 Oelde, Gewerbepark Aurea 33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück PAD1
DHL Logistik-Center Ludwigsau Im Fuldatal 2, 36251 Ludwigsau OT Mecklar, Niemcy XDEB
Geodis Logistics DE GmbH Niederlassung Hamburg Bei der Lehmkuhle 2, 21629 Neu Wulmstorf-Mienenbuettel XDEI
Baur Versand GmbH & Co KG Siegfried-Lapawa-Straße 1, 96242 Sonnefeld XDEJ
Hermes Fulfilment GmbH Standort Löhne Schillenbrink 4 – 6, 32584 Löhne XDES
Geodis Malsfeld NS 3PL Bornwiese 1, 34323 Mansfeld XDET
DHL Solutions GmbH Barentsstrasse 24, 53881 Euskirchen XDEU
Amazon warehouses in Spain Address Code
Amazon Spain Fulfillment, S.L S.L., Avigunda De les Garrigues 6-8, 08820 El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona BCN1
Amazon Spain Fulfillment, S.L Carrer De La Vernada, 22, 08107 Martorelles BCN2
Amazon Spain Fulfillment, S.L Carrer Ferro, 12, 08755 Castellbisbal, Barcelona BCN3
AMAZON EU SARL C/O Amazon Spain Fulfillment, S.L 28830, San Fernando De Henares MAD4
XPO LOGISTICS AMAZON XPO Logistics, Avenida Río Henares, 16, 19208 Alovera, Guadalajara XESA
Kuehne + Nagel Warehouse Kuehne & Nagel Warehouse, Amazon Deliveries, Avenida de las Puntas, 10, 43120 Constantí, Tarragona XESC
Amazon MAD5 Poligono de Los Vailanes, 28096 Madrid MAD5
Amazon MAD6 Avenida Logística, 13, Toledo, 45200 Illescas MAD6
Amazon XESB Avenida Del Rio Henares, 19208 Alovera, Guadalajara XESB
Amazon SVQ1 Poligono Sen, 23, 41703 Dos Hermanas, Sevilla SVQ1
Amazon warehouses in France Address Code
Amazon EU Sarl Pole 45, 1401 rue du Champ Rouge, 45770 Saran ORY1
Essais en Vol Essais en Vol, 2 Rue du Centre, 91220 Brétigny-sur-Orge ORY4
Amazon EU Sarl Amazon EU Sarl, Building II ZAC Les Portes de Provence, 26200 Montelimar MRS1
Amazon EU Sarl 1 Rue Amazon – ZAC du Parc d’Activité du Val de Bourgogne – Distripôle Chalon, 71100 Sevrey LYS1
Amazon EU Sarl 1 Rue Amazon, 59553 Lauwin Planque LIL1 Logistique SAS Jules Verne Business Park, 80440 Boves BVA1
Geodis Logistics Satolas Parc des Chênes Nord 135, Rue du Brisson ZI St Quentin Fallavier, Bâtiment „IDC9”, 38290 Satolas-et-Bonce XFRE
Entrepôt KUEHNE NAGEL Livraisons Amazon – XFRF, Avenue Louis Renault Bâtiment 3, ZAC du Val Bréon, 77610 Châtres en Brie XFRF
Entrepôt XPO Logistics Livraisons Amazon – XFRG ZAC du Moulin, 45410 Artenay XFRG
Entrepôt XPO Logistics Livraisons Amazon – XFRH Parc d’activité de Chanteloup Bâtiment 8A, 77550 Moissy Cramayel XFRH
Amazon warehouses in Italy Address Code
Amazon Passo Corese Amazon Italia Logistica S.R.L., Via della Meccanica, 4, 02032 Passo Corese FCO1
Amazon Vercelli Amazon Italia Logistica S.R.L., Via Rita Levi Montalcini, 2, 13100 Vercelli MXP3
Amazon Castel San Giovanni Amazon EU Sarl c/o Amazon Italia Logistica Srl, Strada Dogana Po 2U, 29015 Castel San Giovanni MXP5
Geodis Logistics Francolino di Carpiano Amazon XITC – Geodis Logistics SpA, Via Aldo Moro, 4, 20080 Francolino di Carpiano (MI) XITC
Geodis Logistics Arquà Polesine Amazon XITD – Geodis Logistics, Viale Maestri del Lavoro 990, 45031 Arquà Polesine XITD
Amazon Torrazza Piedmonte Amazon Italia Logistica S.R.L., Strada Provinciale per Rondissone 90, 10037 Torrazza Piedmonte TRN1
Amazon warehouses in the Czech Republic Address Code
Amazon reverzní logistické centrum U Trati 216, 25261 Dobrovíz PRG1
Amazon centrum rozdělení K Amazonu 245, 25261 Dobrovíz PRG2

It is worth noting that Amazon regularly expands its network of warehouses, so the list of locations may change. Before making any decisions related to warehousing and taxes, it is advisable to consult the current information available on Amazon’s website and possibly your tax advisor.

When selling on Amazon’s platform, there are also certain programs, such as the ‘FBA Program (Fulfillment by Amazon), which allow sellers to store and deliver goods via Amazon’s logistics infrastructure. In this case, Amazon can handle the logistics, but the VAT burden and tax compliance remain the seller’s responsibility.

For in-depth information on the extensive opportunities offered by the FBA program, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our team of qualified specialists is at your disposal, ready to provide comprehensive information and answer any questions you may have.

In addition, amavat® recognises all relevant issues related to Amazon sales in the EU and has experience working with several online retailers. Please contact amavat® today to ensure that issues with VAT do not affect your growth plan.

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