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Retail Sales Tax postponed by Poland

amavat-poland-vatPoland has postponed the implementation date of the new ‘Retail Sales Tax’ following the challenges of the European Commission (EC).

This initiative comprised of a turnover tax levied on established and non-established businesses in Poland. The turnover rate of each company determined the applicable rates, but businesses with a turnover below PLN 17 million would not be required to pay Polish Retail Sales Tax. This immunity was challenged by the EC on the grounds of State Aid rules. Thus the basis for the challenge, small businesses would have a competitive advantage over larger companies.

On 16th September, 2016 the Polish tax authorities announced this initiative and by the end of that month, the EC started investigations on this new tax. Given the uncertainty created by the EC investigation, Poland has announced a delay on the implementation, possibly further delays may be published in the coming months.

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