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Poland | EU VAT Information

Poland EU VAT Information

Poland | From April 2020 new ‘reduced VAT rates’

The Polish Ministry of Finance has approved laws to announce new ‘reduced VAT rates’ from 1st April, 2020.
These rates will decrease to 5% and 7% respectively, from the current 5% and 8%.
The new VAT rates will have an impact as follows:

  • Printed books and eBooks will be taxed at a rate of 5%;
  • Newspapers, journals (either printed or electronic versions) and specialist periodicals will be taxed at 8%;
  • Bakery products subject to 5% instead of several rates;
  • All seafood increase to 23% instead of several rates.

These alterations are part of a strategy to make it more simple to relate the correct VAT rate to products. With regards to printed and electronic publications, this amendment follows many other EU Member States in aligning the VAT rates with their printed counterparts.

EU | European Council simplifies VAT regime for SMEs

Simplified VAT rules for small businesses (SMEs) were approved by the European Council (EC). The purpose of the new rules is to lessen the administrative VAT burden and compliance costs for small enterprises and to create an environment which helps those SMEs to grow and trade across borders more efficiently.

SMEs will also be entitled to use more simplified VAT compliance rules, where their annual turnover remains below a threshold set by the EU Member State concerned; which must not be higher than €85,000.00.

Nevertheless, under certain situations, SMEs from other EU Member States which do not surpass this threshold will also be able to take advantage of this simplified structure. As long as their total annual turnover across the whole European Union does not surpass €100,000.00. These new rules will apply as of 1st January, 2025.

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